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Effect of O3 and NO2 on Net Photosynthesis , Transpiration and Accumulation of Nitrite in Sunflower Leaves
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저자 (Shin Young Park),(Sang Chul Lee)
발행기관 한국환경과학회
간행물정보 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 1999년, 제3권 제2호, 121~129쪽(총9쪽)
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Photosynthesis and transpiration rates were simultaneously measured in attached sunflower leaves (Helianthus annuus L. cv. Russian Mammoth) during exposure to NO_(2) and O_(3) to determine the effect of mixed gas on photosynthesis and the stomatal aperture. The application of O_(3) alone reduced both the net photosynthetic and transpiration rates. An analysis of the CO_(2) diffusive resistances indicated that the main cause affecting photosynthesis reduction during O_(3) exposure was not the internal gas phase of the leaf (rCO_(2)^(lip)) but rather the liquid phase or mesophyll diffusive resistance (rCO_(2)^(lip)), suggesting that there is a very concomitant relation between photosynthetic reduction and rCO_(2)^(lip). The application of NO_(2) alone caused a marked reduction of the net photosynthesis yet no significant reduction of transpiration, indicating that NO_(2) affects the CO_(2) fixation processes with no influence on the stomatal aperture. A greater reduction in the photosynthesis of sunflower plants was caused by the application of NO_(2) alone as compared to a combination of NO_(2) and O_(3). NO_(2) alone reduced the photosynthetic rate by 90%, whereas a mixture of NO_(2) and O_(3) reduced it by 50%.
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