[마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)
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 11  [마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)-11
 12  [마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)-12
 13  [마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)-13
 14  [마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)-14
 15  [마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)-15
 16  [마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)-16
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[마케팅] 페덱스 FedEx CSR Programs(영문)에 대한 자료입니다.
Introduction and situation statement

Analysis of the Organization

1. Internal environment

1) Performance
2) Niche
3) Structure
4) Internal Impediment

2. External Environment

1) Supporters
2) Competitors
3) Opponents
4) External impediments
5) Public perception (awareness and reputation)

Analysis of the Public

1. Identifying Publics

2. Analyzing the key publics

1) Analysis of key characteristics
2) Benefit statement


A. Research Questions
B. Research Method

Research findings

1. The Sample

2. Report on the research questions

1) What is the most severe environmental issue at stake?
2) How can private companies contribute to resolve such environmental problems?

3. Interviews: pattern findings

1) Corporate CSR personnel
2) Environmental Experts
3) University Club – ‘SNUCSR NETWORK’

Analysis and Interpretation of the Interviews

Conclusion & Campaign direction



1) Biographies of researchers
2) In-depth Interview Questionnaire
3) References
2) Competitors

For FedEx Korea, there are mainly four competitors who offer the same express delivery service. They are DHL, TNT, UPS, and EMS. DHL is the biggest competitor of FedEx. According to Stacy Han, the FedEx Communications Executive, DHL has more brand equity than FedEx. Also, the share of the market said to be very neck to neck with DHL although FedEx has a slight advantage as of now. DHL is a company that is very well aware of the environmental issues, promoting many CSR activities such as GoGreen, which aims at reducing CO2 emissions until 2020. TNT also participates in environmental CSR activities by ways such as being an associate member of the World Food Plan (WFP). UPS is a competitor of FedEx in the environment CSR sector as well. There has been a comparison between UPS and FedEx by a power blogger called Marc Gunther. According to him, FedEx and UPS are both trying to increase public awareness that their companies are taking care of the environment. UPS has launched environmental CSR programs in Korea in 2006, and in 2008, it is trying to promote more public awareness in the CSR activities. EMS is the service provided by the post office in Korea and this company can be the strongest competitor of FedEx Korea since it received the best price in Korea Industrial Service and has the most accessibility and low price.

3) Opponents

The opponent of FedEx Korea is mainly the environmental organizations and individuals concerned with the protection of the environment. This fact is directly related with the environmental CSR program that we are trying to come up with. FedEx Office is the seventh largest printing company in North America, so a lot of paper is going into the landfills that could be re-purposed. FedEx uses paper a lot because of the boxes that are used for delivery. The Hoffington Post article by Alexandra Paul was a sensation in a way that it revealed the fact that FedEx is overusing and not recycling its massive amounts of papers. After this article was published, it is obvious that the readers could have become potential opponents. This could also have had an effect in Korea through major power bloggers who deliver messages in their blogs and Twitters.

4) External impediments

Social impediment for FedEx Korea is not clearly cut. However, FedEx Korea is a foreign company and Korea is a nation with a very strong national collectivistic traits. If a national public sentiment were to be raised upon foreign companies, the share of the express delivery market, may shift favorably towards EMS, which is a Korean firm. For instance, when two middle school girls were run over by the U.S. militants in Korea, a strong anti-American sentiment arose. The sentiment led to a consumer strike to boycott American products. FedEx Korea does not provide essential consumer goods that are hit majorly by such strikes. However, being a foreign American company is a good reason for FedEx to be more cautious in deciding its social paths.
On the other hand, political factors may also be related with environmental CSR. In Hong Kong, FedEx has launched hybrid trucks to reduce the CO2 emission. South Korea also developed many new models of hybrid cars in major car industries like Hyundai and Samsung. Despite these efforts, the political and regulatory issues are putting an impediment to adopting them. In Korea, the electric cars are not allowed in the market. The legislation has not been ratified yet. Also, the government put a ban to the direct import of hybrid cars from foreign countries. Unless there is a political change in Korea, effort of environment-friendly activity related to transportation in FedEx seems impossible.
Main economic impediment facing FedEx Korea is the economic depression which can cause the dramatic rise in related costs. For instance, the change in oil process can be a crucial economic factor since FedEx is a delivery industry. The oil prices have been rising constantly and in Korea the price has gone over the two thousand won line. Nobody knows when it will settle. Also, economic change in other countries due to fiscal deficit issues and other financial problems in places such as Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom can affect FedEx through tariff and trade related costs.

5) Public perception (awareness and reputation)

Awareness includes whether people know about the organization what they know of it and how accurate this information is. According to Stacy Han, it seems that many of the people know the name of the company since it has appeared in many mass media and also as a form of product placement in many visual media. However, since FedEx’s main targets are small and medium sized enterprises (SME), many individuals customers do not have accurate information about what the company specializes in. From the research surveys about FedEx Korea by Stacy Han, publics generally believe that FedEx has higher quality than other delivery companies since it ha
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