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Ghosts Of The Abyss Script
I believe things can
happen of such an intensity
that they do resonate
through time,
create, like, an echo.
The story of the "Titanic"
is very personal
to each person who hears it,
almost like a biblical story.
This giant ship,
all these people
in the middle of the ocean,
this iceberg, the warnings.
What would it have been like
to be there
on that fateful night?
I knew Jim was going to go back
to the "Titanic. "
He had talked about it.
He wanted to take
another expedition
since he had made the film.
He had invited me in passing.
But I guess I didnt
really seriously consider
I would actually go.
- Hello!
- Hello!
You speak English?
Great. Im looking for my room.
My cabin.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
But then,
when he actually said,
"No, I really want you
to come along and experience it
for yourself
and just take it all in"...
I had to go.
The "Keldysh" is the largest
scientific research vessel
in the world.
And all the activity onboard
is focused on the "Mirs"
and what they have to accomplish
at the bottom of the ocean.
They take their work
extremely seriously.
Everything is checked
and rechecked,
just like a space mission.
My name is Lewis Abernathy.
Im an underwater explorer.
I got them all.
I have been trying to thumb
a ride down to "Titanic"
for probably years now.
What do you got?
We got bots, slimy bots, and
"A" deck, "B" deck, "C" deck.
Huge rusticles,
like this big around.
My name is Lori Johnston.
My position was
as a microbiologist,
looking at the rusticles.
The idea that she spiraled down,
spitting objects.
My name is Charles Pellegrino.
I was one of the historians and
biologists on the expedition.
We tend to think of it
in st-century eyes.
Im Don Lynch,
and I studied the "Titanic"
based upon the testimony and
accounts of passengers and crew.
The people who were there
and witnessed it.
My name is Ken Marschall.
Ive been studying the "Titanic"
for over three decades now.
I checked it out.
The Straus suite.
Through those years and study,
Ive sort of become
a visual historian
about the ship and her structure
and appearance.
It was an amazing expedition
in terms of all of
the state-of-the-art technology
and engineering we were using,
in terms of the camera system.
The R.O.V.S were amazing.
On the cutting edge
of technology.
Just try to keep the light in
right where Ive gone in.
Im gonna explore these cabins.
There is no script. We dont
know what were gonna see.
We dont know
what were gonna encounter.
The crucial thing
about deep-sea photography
is lighting.
Just come up over and light
all this business down here.
- You see what I mean?
- Yeah.
So we had a sister ship on
the expedition called the "EAS."
The "EAS" had
this giant lighting chandelier
called Medusa.
The theory was to lower the
chandelier down over the wreck
and do this overlighting,
almost like moonlight.
There was no manual
for any of this.
Nobody had ever combined
this many elements
into a single-dive operation
before at these depths.
We were pushing the limits
of technology,
which was a little eerie
given the fate of the ship
we had come to explore.
This is where it all happened.
It could be any other part
of the ocean,
but theres something special
about knowing
this is the spot
and the wrecks down there.
Why this shipwreck?
Why not the "Lusitania"?
Why not the "Moro Castle"?
Why not the "Atlantic"?
Theyre all good.
Theyre all good,
but why is this one?
Look at the stuff
that comes with this.
Youve got the biggest ship
on its maiden voyage,
the president of the company
onboard that owns it,
the builder onboard.
And it hits an iceberg,
and it sinks so slowly
that youve got all these hours
for drama to be acted out.
You dont get that
with other shipwrecks.
Its really a Greek tragedy
for real.
She was so cheated.
She was so beautiful.
So much energy went into
building this creation.
You know, the epitome
of human engineering
and architecture, maritime
architecture at that point.
And to have it taken away,
just four days out of England.
And thats part, I guess,
of the odd attraction to it.
The fact that you could never
have such a thing happen
before or since.
The ship remains
at the bottom of the sea
as an eternal memorial.
And we can visit that memorial.
We can bear witness
to the event.
And if were gonna do
interior exploration,
we have to do it now,
because five years from now,
there might not be anything.
Five years ago,
the technology didnt exist.
We had to will it
into existence.
"Monday, August .
Tomorrow morning
we will descend / miles
into the cold, dark netherworld
and see Titanic for ourselves
as she lies broken
on the seafloor.
How do you prepare
for such an experience?"
Okay. Dive one.
Its gonna be
J. B. And Bill in "Mir- "
and me and Vince in "Mir- ."
Pilots are gonna be
Genya Chernaiev, "Mir- "
Anatoly Sagalevitch, "Mir- ."
Okay. Heres your checklist.
Have your last will
and testament in order,
make sure your insurance
is paid up,
write a final note
to your famil
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