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 4  [공급사슬관리] Boeing 보잉 SCM전략(영문)-4
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[공급사슬관리] Boeing 보잉 SCM전략(영문)에 대한 자료입니다.
Chap 1. Overview of Boeing  3
Part 1. History  3
Part 2. Today  3
Part 3. Global  4

Chap 2. SCM structure of Boeing  5
Part 1. Production process of Boeing  5

Chap 3. SCM strategies of Boeing  6
Part 1. Global Sourcing  6
Part 2.
Part 3. Integrated System 
Standardization  7

Chap 4. Innovation of Boeing =
Chapter 1. Overview of Boeing
Part 1. History

1. Founded in 1916 in the Puget Sound region of Washington state
2. Became a leading producer of military and commercial aircraft
3. Undertook a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions to become the world’s largest, most diversified aerospace company

 Aerospace pioneers now part of the Boeing enterprise include:
 North American Aviation
 McDonnell Douglas
 Rockwell International (space and defense business)
 Hughes Space & Communications
 Jeppesen

Part 2. Today

1. Design, assemble and support commercial jetliners
- Boeing 7-series family of airplanes lead the industry
- Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) offers broad range of services to passenger and freight carriers

2. Design, assemble and support defense systems
- World’s largest designer and manufacturer of military transports, tankers, fighters and helicopters
- Support Systems provides services to government customers worldwide

3. Design and assemble satellites and launch vehicles
- World’s largest provider of commercial and military satellites; largest NASA contractor

4. Integrate large-scale systems; develop networking technology and network solution
5. Provide financing solutions focused on customer requirements
6. Develop advanced systems and technology to meet future customer needs

Part 3. Global Boeing

1. Customers in more than 90 countries
- Total revenue in 2007: $66.4 billion (41 percent from international sales)
- 70 percent of commercial airplane revenue historically from customers outside the United States

2. Manufacturing, service and technology partnerships with companies around the world
- Contracts with 22,000 suppliers and partners globally

3. Research, design and technology-development centers and programs in multiple countries
4. More than 160,000 Boeing employees in 49 states and 70 countries

Chapter 2. SCM structure of Boeing
Part 1. Production process of Boeing

Normally, If you want to buy a new airplane, First step is “Make an order” To develop new airplane, Boeing gathered customer opinions, and make an effort to make ideal new airplane. For example, Customer’s needs are “Flight longer than last model”, “Space for passenger is larger than last model” So Boeing make a new airplane.

Design process is needed for collaboration about related fields in the company.
In company, there are many division related design process. They shared their opinion and information for design. Finally design center of Boeing make airplane design.

Boeing can make not only an airplane but, also parts of airplane, First. designer draw a sketch of a part. Second. They made a survey of part. Third. They made a testing parts. Fifth. They modified parts and Finally They could make finished parts.

Fabricate Plan of Boeing is located in Everett, Washington state, In plant, engineer of company gathered parts and finally make an airplane. Boeing has a lot of line up. So they operated product line effectively. A fabricated airplane gone to the painting plant.

Finally, finished airplane take flying test. If they didn’t find defects, An airplane is transported to customer like the Korean Airline.

To add profit of company, Boeing offer related service to their customer. The related service is need to operated an airplane. For example, jet fuel, airplane parts & maintenance, catering, baggage, entertainment in airplane (AOD, VOD) etc.

Chapter 3. SCM strategy of Boeing

Part 1. Global sourcing

The Boeing company deal with all around the world. They operated filed service, distribution center, training center, component service center and supplier all around the world. B787, Dream-liner is one of the airplane of Boeing, but What is different from previous airplane of Boeing? Except some parts, most parts of B787 is made by world.

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of, the, and, to, Boeing, in, is, they, make, Part
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